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          Tairui Introduction

          Ningxia Tairui pharmaceutical company limited was established in 2000, is a national high-tech enterprise, one of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, 30 advantage of non-public ownership enterprises, bank credit rating of AAA, consists of two subsidiaries and branches.

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          Technology Innovation

          Tylosin invention patents, won the national intellectual property office "award for outstanding patent"; "tilmicosin APIs" by national Ministry of science and technology as "national key new product" "serve a wonderful study on high-tech industrialization projects" won the ...".

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          Safety and Environmental Quality

          Tairui implement environmental responsibility, environmental maintenance, implementation of energy saving measures, voted in huge to the equipment and processes to optimize the transformation, establishing long-term mechanism of simple production, low ...

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          Group co., LTD


          • cpfw

          Tylosin, Tai Miao Streptozotocin, tilmicosin tilmicosin phosphate and other more than more than 10 new products. National key new product of Ministry of science and technology 2, 1 national key torch plan p ...

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          Brand plan

          • gjpp

          Adopted European COS certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Australia, and Brazil and other countries and regions regist ...

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          News center

          • xwzx

          The afternoon of August 14, 2014, youth volunteer work of Youth League Secretary Yang song in Helan County, accompanied by Chen Feng, Communist Youth League Secretary to visit the Tai Yi Xin company League ...

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